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Webinar on Remote Condition Monitoring

September 9, 2020
Would you like to bring positive and tangible progress to your company’s reliability practices?

Laurentide Controls invites you to join a free, 1-hour educational webinar on Remote Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Best Practices. 

You will profit from our expert’s unique experiences, recommendations and real-life success stories that will help you and your team start the conversation around remote monitoring and predictive technologies.
Join Mattieu Berlinguette, T.P., MBA, Industrial Reliability Solutions, Laurentide Controls, (Kirkland, Qc.) as he discusses:
  • Changing the traditional reactive maintenance to Predictive Maintenance
  • How Condition Monitoring will empower your workforce to improve safety, efficiency and production
  • Key Enablers to Predictive Remote Asset Monitoring
    • Holistic Asset Management
    • Simplified Predictive Analysis and Prioritization
    • Remote Access, Diagnosis and Troubleshooting
  • Building the business case and capturing the ROI

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English Session:

September 17, 10 am EDT


French Session:

September 23, 10 am EDT