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7012 - DeltaV Interface for Continuous Control

Course number
On-site, at our offices or online

Duration: 2 days - Limit of 6 participants

This course is also offered online.
Following this course, the participant will be able to: 
  • Access operator displays
  • Manipulate various control module operating parameters to operate the process
  • Respond to process alarms
  • Monitor process performance
  • View real-time and historical trend data

Intended for

Operators, supervisors and managers responsible for the operation of continuous processes using DeltaV system.


Windows experience.

Course Content

This 2-day course uses lectures and hands-on workshops to provide an in-depth overview on operating the DeltaV System.


  • System Overview
  • Accessing DeltaV Operate Window, Menus Displays and Directories
  • Discrete and Analog Control Module Operation
  • Accessing Alarm Displays/Alarm Handling
  • Motor Control Module Operation
  • Regulatory/Cascade Control Module Operation
  • Accessing Real-time/Historical Trend Data
  • Unit Alarms
  • Sequential Function Chart Operation
  • Phase Logic Modules

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