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1300 - Control Valve Engineering

Course number
$1,105 (virtual) $1,465 (presential)
On-site, at our offices or virtual

Duration: 2 days

Following this course, the participant will be able to select the right valve characteristics for the process, choose the right type of valve for the application and size the control valves and actuators.

Intended for

Engineers, technicians and others responsible for the selection, sizing and application of control valves, actuators and control valve instrumentation.

Course Content

This 2 day course explains how to select the correct control valve, actuator and accessories to operate through the full range of process conditions. This course covers general applications and emphasizes the sizing and selection methods for a broad variety of control valves and actuators. Students will solve various sizing and selection problems using published materials and software, plus participate in equipment demonstrations and workshops.

Topics Covered
  • Actuator Selection and Sizing 
  • Cavitation 
  • Control Valve Selection: Rotary/Sliding Stem 
  • Corrosion Resistant Valves 
  • Liquid Valve Sizing 
  • Positioners and Transducers 
  • Valve Application Guidelines 
  • Valves Characteristics 
  • Valves Packing Considerations 
  • Valve Noise ( IEC Prediction Method ) 
  • Gas Valve Sizing

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