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4025 - Bearings and Lubrication

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Duration: 5 days

Following this training, the participant will be able to develop the important notions of handling and installation of bearings. He will also understand the basic principles and the importance of good lubrication in regards to mechanical movements. 

Intended for

This course is designed primarily for technicians whose tasks consist of performing industrial maintenance operations.

Course Content

Types and Characteristics of Bearings
  • Description of the different types of bearings and their designation
  • Measurement of the internal clearance of a bearing
  • Understanding what influences the life of a bearing
Shaft and Housing Tolerance
  • Understanding the ANSI standard
  • Understanding the ISO 286 standard
  • Factors that influence the choice of tolerances
  • Usage of the micrometer 
  • Housing and shaft measurement techniques
Disassembly and Assembly of Bearings
  • Storage 
  • Preparation before disassembly
  • Methods of disassembly
  • Precautions before assembling the bearings
  • Mounting methods
  • Tightening adjustment according to radial clearance
  • Initial lubrication
Bearing Diagnosis
  • Fault analysis strategy
  • Observations and analytical methods during disassembly of a bearing
  • Observation of patterns for rolling element paths
  • Analysis of the different types of bearing failures
Lubricant characteristics
  • Composition and properties of industrial oils 
  • Types and properties of greases 
  • Grease selection and application
Selection of lubricants and lubrication methods according to the type of machine
  • Bearing lubrication 
  • Gearbox lubrication
Contamination control
  • Filtration methods
  • Filtration according to the industry standards
Storage and handling of lubricants
  • Lubrication storage and handling 
Design and inspections to achieve lubrication excellence
  • Oil analysis 
  • Leaks 
  • Contamination
  • Development of the lubrication program

This course is part of the Precision Maintenance Training Program

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