For optimum performance and safety in the workplace—Laurentide Controls recommends considering BS&B safety heads as a critical component! Design and fitting type features include:

  • Seal that is leak-tight, bite-type—BS&B machines the seal to engage disk material in bubble-tight seal
  • Lower inventory cost—single head fits nearly all standard international flanges eliminates stocking cost
  • Ease of inspection and cleaning—pretorqued cap screws allow maintenance with disk in place
  • Installation that is simple and fail-safe—positioning of locating pins & welded J-Bolt eliminate handling errors

Laurentide Controls offers the right BS&B fitting or assembly for your job:

Disk Type Conditions
Bolted Type Safety Head Conventional pre-bulged rupture disks
Union Type Safety Head Limited space, frequent change out
LO-TO-FLO™ Safety Head Reduces process buildup for superior protection (over-pressure), over-pressure protection for high viscosity liquids


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