Online Electrical Monitoring

The Challenge

Electric power transmission & distribution infrastructures are vulnerable. as they represent critical links between the power generation source and the end user. The consequences of a malfunction are most often catastrophic. The potential hazards to people and damage to the power grid’s assets can be extremely costly. The risks of personnel injury or death, equipment damage, and lost production are high.

Increased Power Demand & Aging Equipment Paradox

Demand for power is only increasing in developing and developed countries which are resulting in higher load requirements on the equipment installed base (more than 25 years old in most cases).

The Solution

Through Surface Acoustic Wave technology, IntelliSAW brings advanced sensing solutions to critical asset monitoring. Saw a technology provides you with an ideal non-invasive solution that is highly scalable and provides continuous 24/7 monitoring with no power needed for the sensors. The integration of intelligence into the existing critical assets will significantly enhance the efficiency and reliability of a grid and help utilities avoid blackouts and potential equipment failure.

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