Technical Institute – Message from the President

The success of any business depends upon maximizing the return on its assets, and upskilling personnel is a key way to achieve this. It enables you to leverage the technology you’ve invested in, improves maintenance and troubleshooting, and results in optimized operations. In addition to these key benefits a well trained workforce improves safety, increases employee engagement, reduces turnover, and leads to increased productivity in all areas. We firmly believe that training is one of the most important investments any business can make.

Clients like you have confirmed this belief, and the demand for training of their personnel has increased year over year. In order to meet that demand we have continued to invest in our training, coaching, and mentoring programs with a broader range of course offerings, more certified instructors, and upgraded training facilities in more locations close to you. We work with our clients to identify their training needs and gaps and to build the right mix of classroom and hands-on training into a training investment plan that will achieve their objectives, which is our goal. We can help you build a program and approach that will up skill your workforce for long-term success while allowing you to meet your shorter-term production and business targets.

These programs can include:

  • Customized learning paths by role;
  • Standardized training methods and tools;
  • On-site or off-site training;
  • Customizable course material that fits a variety of skill levels;
  • Integrated hands-on workshops at your facility;
  • Coaching and mentorship programs that offer on the job training support;
  • Pre and post training evaluations to track improvement and the return on your investment;
  • A program that is available in both official languages and tailored to your region.

Together let’s develop the technical skills and expertise of your workforce to allow them to face all challenges your company may face now and into the future!

Steve Dustin, eng.
President, Laurentide Controls