Is Vibration Certification for You?

We have updated our programs to include certifications in vibration. We offer training to allow you to challenge the various levels of certification offered by CMVA. Our program offers theory and practical training coupled with one day of practice tests and labs. Our experienced instructors will train you, test you and support you as you prepare yourself for the CMVA level certification of your choice.

CMVA Certification Categories (Excerpt from the CMVA web site)

As of October, 2006, Category 1, 2 and 3 exams are prepared by CMVA and Category  4 exams are bought from the Vibration Institute in the USA. CMVA exams are based directly on detailed Performance Objectives which amplify the ISO 18436-2 Standard, and they are available for CMVA members on the Members Only Section of this website.

If you are not a member, contact to join, or download the Membership Form and mail or fax it in. You do NOT need to be a CMVA member to write a CMVA exam but you need to be a member to be certified. See also ISO Standard 18436-2, in the same location.

All exam candidates must sign and send in the Exam Application (see LHS Column, CERTIFICATION  Tab) which requires an agreement to conform to the Code of Ethics, and an affirmation that you meet the ISO 18436-2 Requirements for Certification.

Vibration Analyst Category 1

  • See Category 1 Performance Objectives under Members Only on this website. The exam is based DIRECTLY on the stated performance objectives.
  • Data Collection Practicum is also required — details in Members Only

Vibration Analyst Category 2

  • See Category 2 Performance Objectives, in Members Only.

Vibration Analyst Category 3

  • See Category 3 Performance Objectives, in Members Only.
  • Valid Category 2 certificate is required before you can write Category 3

Vibration Analyst Category 4

  • Contributes to the design and selection of new equipment
  • Solves chronic mechanical problems
  • Develops and manages predictive maintenance programs
  • Conducts advanced fault and condition analysis
  • Performs vibration control procedures

Pre-Requisite: Valid Category 3 Certificate (either from CMVA or from VI)

Recommended Pre-Requisites:

  • Five years of experience in the vibration field
  • Two four-day short courses, university training, or equivalent self-study