Final Control │Valves

Our Faculty develops and delivers training and skills development in final control, regulators and safety valves. Control valve technology has expanded over the years. Valve may be fitted with actuators and positioners or hydraulic actuators. The complexity of the control valve has forced industry to invest in the knowledge required to properly size the valves required for a process. Components exposed to harsh elements during this process means engineers must ensure they select the right types of materials to meet the challenges. Our educators work hand in hand with your staff to develop training that will ensure your selected solutions are mastered by your engineers and valve technologists. This mastery will allow your teams to do the much needed maintenance safely and quickly. Automatic control valves include: pressure reducing valves, flow control valves, back-pressure sustaining valves, altitude valves, and relief valves, this technology and innovation has improved your process stability but your teams require much needed training and development. We believe that the investment in your human capital will generate cost savings and increased performance year after year. Using the latest technologies we teach your teams to master the techniques and the equipment. Our faculty delivers training, onsite applied technical training (coaching) and mentorship for managers. We offer career programs to develop young engineers, managers and supervisors as they take on the new challenges in various roles in industry. Please review the many opportunities we can offer you.


Course L1300E – Control Valve Engineering 1

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