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Compact Density Meter
Providing precision density and temperature for custody transfer and concentration measurement, the Compact Density Meter (CDM) features simple system integration, health diagnostics and flow-rate indication to help verify sample integrity.

Compact Density Meter Overview

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Compact Density Meter


Density Accuracy
±0.1 kg/m3 ( ±0.0001 g/cm3)
Density Repeatability
±0.02 kg/m3 ( ±0.00002 g/cm3)
Flow Rate Indication
±5%of reading with 10:1 turndown
Integral Temperature Sensor
Class A RTD - With ISO 17025 accredited, traceable calibration
Case Temperature Sensors
Class B RTD (Quantity 3)
Process Temperature Effect (Corrected)
±0.005 kg/m3 per 38°C ( ±0.278 kg/m3 per 100°F)
Process Pressure Effect (corrected)
±0.003 kg/m3 per 6.9 bar ( ±0.021 kg/m3 per 100 psi)


  • Achieve superior real-world performance with elevated and combined temperature and pressure calibration
  • Ensure sample integrity with flow-rate indication
  • Reduce measurement errors and minimize negative installation effects with case RTDs that adjust for ambient temperature
  • Rely on compliance and compatibility to global standards - NACE, NORSOK, MID, ISO/IEC 17025
  • Quickly install and verify meter health with intelligent internal diagnostics
  • Support multiple simultaneous protocols for connection to DCS, PLC and flow computers
  • Expand usage with a hazardous area-approved, head-mounted transmitter that supports local configuration and display
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