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Electric rope shovels and drag lines are typically relied on for uninterrupted 24/7 service.

Electric rope shovels and drag lines are typically relied on for uninterrupted 24/7 service.

Given their complexities – packed with motors, multiple reduction gearboxes, and large rolling element bearings – along with the harshness of ore extraction, mechanical failures on these assets are imminent. Staff may be stretched to keep them running using routine inspections and periodic data collection on machines – while they’re operating – but the insight these approaches supply are fleeing at best.

Traditional predictive maintenance approaches may have even proven questionable for your team because the varying loads and operation of these machines are simply too dynamic for the capabilities of most detection systems. If a machine is lost in the pit, the costs and lost productivity can add up quickly.

Our team can help miners retrofit existing rope shovels and draglines with the Emerson AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor. 

Continuously monitoring key vehicle systems such as the hoist, crowd, and swing, the AMS 6500 exposes elevating machinery stress with a patented signal processing approach and surfaces real problems to your staff for corrective action. This technology is so effective at early fault detection, Joy Global offers the AMS 6500 as a standard, value-added option to Customers of new P&H electric rope shovels. Additionally, by utilizing the AMS Machinery Manager software, your maintenance staff can gain a heightened view of emerging problem areas with integrated vibration, thermography, and oil analysis information. Online, remote monitoring eliminates the need for staff to perform manual data collection on moving machinery and minimizes their trips to the pit.

Gain early fault detection
Avoid unnecessary costs and lost productivity
Eliminate manual data collection
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