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The Challenge

The Challenge

Unscheduled downtime caused by equipment failure eats into both the maintenance budget and production goals. Routine maintenance can help, but it doesn’t reveal the developing issues that impact production.

Automating the Condition Monitoring process is vitally important in today's ultra competitive market.  Stop spending time organizing maintenance and reliability data sources and start making proactive decisions and automate basic tasks. 

Implement predictive intelligence and integrated protection technologies to reach business goals and achieve top-quartile reliability.

The Solution

The Solution

Laurentide Controls offers a variety of asset management and condition indicator technologies specific to the nature and criticality of production assets. Recognize business goals and achieve top-quartile reliability by implementing technologies that enhance your digital transformation journey.

Focus on reliability to improve availability, profitability and safety. To keep your plant assets available and producing revenue, you need solutions that are custom to the criticality of the asset being monitored and that identify the assets at risk of failure. Our Reliability team will complete a foundational study of your current program, recommend known improvement practices and ultimately a road map to improve your operations
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Greater Operational Consistency
Increased Throughput Capacity
Reduced Risk of Trips and Failures
Cut Maintenance Costs with Predictive Intelligence