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Our public courses are an excellent occasion to network and discuss best practices with other industry professionals.
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Emerson’s Distributed Control Systems (DCS) deliver the decision integrity to run your operations at its full potential. We deliver the advanced knowledge and skills required to develop your best practices and transfer that knowledge to all members of your operations team.

Our courses aim to ensure that best practices are mastered by your valve engineers and technicians.

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Would you like for your technicians to have more in-depth knowledge of instrumentation and eventually become experts in the field?

We are proud to present our new instrumentation training program. It consists of a 4-day course including theory and practical exercises. Then, an applied technical training component validates the skills acquired and ensures the application of best practices.

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Using the right lubricant, at the right time, in the right place and the right quantity, with the right tools and the best practices, is the basis of a factory's proactive maintenance activities.

Sampling, oil analysis and implementation of lubrication best practices, including storage, will allow you to keep your lubricants clean, dry and avoid premature thermal degradation.

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Our team of professional instrumentation specialists design, develops and delivers basic, intermediate and advanced training on instruments, the related software and the best practices for their use.

We offer onsite and in class development of your instrument technicians, your electricians and your managers. 

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Along with lubrication, precision maintenance is part of the foundation of all proactive maintenance. It ranges from setting standards, equipment tolerances, using world-class installation methods and developing detailed installation procedures for each recurring activity in the plant.

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Reliability is not only about maintenance: it involves synergy and collaboration between all levels of an organization.

This includes establishment of the equipment hierarchy and parts lists to the equipment criticality, then to establishing maintenance strategies for each asset and finally the development of corrective work management. The path to increased factory reliability is straight but the slope is steep.

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Since the handling of a thermographic camera is very similar to that of a photographic camera, the thermographic cameras are often not used to their full potential. The omission of certain anomalies, the lack of knowledge of its multiple applications and the inaccuracy of the sources of failure are only a few examples of the problems that an operator may have to face.


By capturing high frequencies, whether airborne or contact, an ultrasound device is a versatile tool that allows the detection of many mechanical, electrical or process related problems. With minimal training, the tools can be used to find compressed air leaks, to hear electric arcs in panels, or to ensure the correct quantity of grease injected in a bearing during lubrication.

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Like a person's pulse, vibration is a key indicator of machinery condition.

Each frequency and amplitude measured from rotating equipment can reveal the origin and severity of an upcoming failure. Periodic monitoring of these indicators makes it possible to trend and prioritize corrective actions before a critical failure occurs.


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