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Our consulting services help clients envision the value of innovative technologies to accelerate a sustainable competitive edge.

Our consulting services help clients envision the value of innovative technologies to accelerate a sustainable competitive edge.

We work with clients to perform operational analyses, quantify benefits, evaluate potential investments, develop business cases, and define project requirements to develop project budgets and execution plans. Laurentide Controls has a track record of solving high stakes problems across all automation industries including Chemical, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, and Refining.

Advances in automation and DCS technology made it very simple to create alarms.  With little effort on alarm lifecycle requirements, or the justification and the appropriate response expected to the alarm from operations, has continued alarm proliferation.

Operators are often overwhelmed by alarm floods and nuisance alarms, reducing their ability to respond quickly and efficiently to process disturbances.  This leads to equipment deterioration, lower product quality, and increasing risks to plant safety and profitability.

Laurentide Controls will help you analyze the current state of your alarm performance, by comparing it to the ISA-18.2 alarm standard.  This will help you identify “bad actor” alarms allowing you to comply with regulations.  One of the benefits is reducing operator stress, allowing them to improve their response to alarms, increasing their efficiency instead of being hit with a barrage of nuisance alarms.

DeltaV offers several alarm tools and products to help you improve your plant alarm management.


  • Analyze Plant Alarm Performance and compliance to ISA 18.2 industry standards
  • Improve operator Alarm Response Time
  • Identify nuisance Alarms and Alarm Floods
  • Reduce operator stress increasing efficiency

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Offering you the ability to allow your operators to recognize production issues before they affect other areas of the facility is where High Performance Graphics services excels. It offers you information related to how their control and situational displays should be configured for maximum efficiency.  Two services help you to identify this information.

Graphic Review:

This involves a detailed review of your current operator graphics, and compares them against ASM and ISA standards.  A written report is provided, including all recommendations on how to make your graphics more usable to operations.

Display Consultation:

This is an onsite activity that is used to help identify how the operator uses the information available to him to make successful decisions on process related issues.  In addition, Laurentide Controls can also consult on the design and layout of your situational awareness displays.  A written report is provided to you, including all recommendations and Level 1 and 2 wireframes of the displays.


  • Allow operations to recognize and upset before alarms occur
  • Enable better and faster operator decision making
  • Capture experienced operator knowledge in your system
  • Implement industry best practices

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All plants have opportunities to improve the performance of their process, from reactors, fractionators and distillation columns, just to name a few.  Reducing variability, and improving product quality, increasing availability and capacity, or reducing energy and material usage are all opportunities for your plant to become more efficient.

Using the SmartProcess suite of applications from Laurentide Controls and Emerson, you can optimize your major unit operations using Model Predictive Control (MPC). MPC dynamically models the process, and a record of its past behavior.  MPC uses this data from your plant to predict how the process will behave in the future. These predictions then can be used to determine the ideal series of control actions to safeguard all process control objectives are achieved.

We are pleased to offer you our process optimization expertise .Our consultants will perform onsite troubleshooting, startup assistance, controller tuning, process simulation, implementation of advanced control solutions, and training of plant staff. We have vast experience in many process industries including Refining, Chemical, Power, Pipelines, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Mining & Metals, Pulp & Paper and others.



  • Reducing process variability and improving your product quality:
    • Our Control Performance Improvement consultants can quickly determine the root cause of your process inefficiency, and offer solutions for loop performance problems such as cycling and slow response. They can tune all loops in a unit for a collaborative response to load disturbances and set point changes. The resulting reduction in process variability will help to minimize consumption of your raw materials and energy while yielding product quality improvements for your plant.
  • Improve your process availability with less operator intervention and better regulatory compliance:
    • Our expert consultants can help you determine the root cause of and solutions for process upsets, trips, reducing the need for operator intervention on key control loops. We can help to reduce unplanned events, thus lowering maintenance costs for your process equipment.
  • Maximize the benefits of advanced control:
    • For an advanced control system to perform correctly, base-level control loops must be able to reject disturbances and respond correctly to set point changes.  Our Control Performance Improvement consultants can quickly diagnose base-level loop limitations, and can identify those loops that will receive additional benefits from advanced control strategies.


DeltaV Simulate will let you configure your control strategies to assist your operators and engineers to gain more experience on your process.  This is done without disturbing your online process, and using the same configuration and operator graphics used.  It is easily integrated with dynamic process simulation to provide the most realistic training environment possible.

You also have full access to all of DeltaV’s powerful software capabilities.

Laurentide Controls provides engineering and training services, and simulation solutions using dynamic process simulation in your DeltaV control modules, or with simulation packages such as MiMiC™ that access data via DeltaV OPC.


  • Enables development and testing of continuous process control and batch applications in a simulated environment.
  • Provides full operator process training and simulation.
  • Supports thorough testing of your operator graphics, and control configuration.

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