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Packaged Solutions Packaged Solutions
A successful engineered solution requires 3 key ingredients:

A successful engineered solution requires 3 key ingredients:

  1. The right expertise and resources
  2. The right equipment
  3. End-to-end ownership of the outcome
From analytical panels to complete shelters (up to 3,000 sq. ft or more), those 3 ingredients make the difference between a long, stressful execution and a flawless delivery.

We work as partners with our clients to deliver a solution that will enhance your processes, simplify your day-to-day operations and help you consume less resources and energy.

Read how we helped a client skip the weighing scale with an engineered solution!  

The right expertise and resources
Your project is in great hands with 30 professionals from a variety of fields, all specializing in their own area: engineers, technicians, electricians, panel assemblers, project managers and more. This team is supported by product experts from our business units as well as the shared expertise of the Emerson Impact Partner network.

This means that no matter the technical challenge, we have the resources to deliver a solution that is truly optimal for your project.
The right equipment
A house is only as strong as its foundations. Likewise, a successful engineered solution requires quality products to make it work. 

Laurentide's 300+ professionals include industry and product specialists to specify the right parts for each application. As a certified Emerson Impact Partner, we have access to state of the art equipment including valves, instruments, automation components and building materials.
End-to-end ownership of the outcome
We know that managing an engineering project is complex. You have to design the solution, source the components, deal with suppliers, manage fabrication and supervise the execution. At each touchpoint, accountability is key to ensuring that each part of the project performs as intended.

Our dedicated Packaged Solutions team takes ownership of your project from A to Z, including resolving any unforeseen difficulties. We assemble your panel, skid or shelter in our dedicated facilities and only deliver it after it has passed our internal testing process.

We only deliver once we are confident that your project fulfills your expectations.

Our Capacities

  • A dedicated fabrication centre (60,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space)
  • A team of over 30+ experts dedicated to packaged solutions
  • Best-in-class equipment backed by team Emerson