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Digital Transformation

In our ever-evolving digital world, the pressure to make change happen has never been stronger.

The key challenges include:

  • Innovating and adapting quickly.
  • Improving customer experience and operational processes.
  • Optimizing business indicators, such as profitability and revenue growth rates.
  • Strengthening sustainability practices to improve Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) measures presented to stakeholders.

To keep up with the speed of change, operational excellence is essential.


The challenges are numerous, and the questions arise: How to align the interests of information technology and operational technology (OT)? How to leverage data to create opportunities and make informed decisions?

The answer lies in Industry 4.0:

  • It offers a data-driven vision.
  • It allows for decision-making enlightened by analysis.
  • It leads to a competitive advantage through efficiency gains from technological advances.

So, how to unlock the data that is holding back your organization?

We are here to help you.

Drawing from several decades of experience in industrial operations and cutting-edge technologies, we are your expert in digital transformation.

We assist you in:

  • Overcoming the challenges of Industry 4.0.
  • Gaining expertise in data management, OT data analysis, and AI/Machine Learning services.
  • Enhancing reliability and performance across various sectors.

We have contributed to generating hundreds of millions of dollars through digital transformation. Our tools, developed with our clients, harness technology to leverage the latest innovations, thus producing unprecedented benefits.

To achieve operational excellence worthy of your investments, contact us today.
Access to the latest technologies

Access to the latest technologies

For over fifty years, engineers from Emerson (a leader in digital transformation) have trusted Laurentide Controls to help them deliver world-class solutions.

We offer:

  • An unmatched range of level 1 to 4 technologies for your organization's OT and IT needs.
  • PlantwebTM, a suite with robust tools such as sensors and mobile workers.
  • Network systems ensuring cybersecurity, for complete platforms adapted to industrial environments.
  • By consolidating industrial data into a single database, we ensure enterprise-wide connectivity, thus optimizing your decision-making.
Achieve connectivity, consolidation, and contextualization of industrial data at the enterprise level.