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The Challenge

The Challenge

With the introduction of digital control systems and process data historians, organizations have sought to connect their plants with a variety of sources to generate information. Today's demands are higher, as these programs require leveraging information from Industry 4 .0 and digital transformation initiatives to succeed.

Operational data is the new currency in the manufacturing industry, but connectivity and ingestion is a problem. The biggest challenge for today's customers is not only connecting to these systems, but also consolidating all of their operational information into a single database so they can make smarter decisions to optimize resources like computers or networks.
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The Solution

The Solution

We offer solutions that will help you achieve your business goals. Our intelligent sensing technologies often serve multiple purposes by providing rich diagnostics and application metadata to support Maintenance, Reliability as well as performance objectives in addition to first-level control monitoring functions.

At Laurentide Controls, we know that connecting to your OT data at scale without breaking or disrupting these systems is not trivial. We have decades of experience working with source systems and connecting them modern IT platforms in support for industry 4.0 initiatives; as such they can help you meet the challenges faced by businesses worldwide who are eager not only extract value from existing information but also create new opportunities through digital transformation strategies based on advanced technologies like AI/Machine Learning. Indeed, our data integration experts can help you make sense of your most complex sources. 

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