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Industrial control systems protection from industry leaders

Industrial control systems protection from industry leaders

At Laurentide, we put the security of our customers first. That's why we're excited to announce our partnership with iON United, a leading provider of cyber security solutions. iON United understands the importance of keeping industrial control systems operational and secure, making them a trusted advisor to our customers.
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Helping your organization reduce security risks

Helping your organization reduce security risks

As part of our partnership, we will offer iON United's services to enhance the protection of our customers' sensitive information. Whether it's existing systems or new implementations, we improve cybersecurity practices at all stages of the lifecycle. Our comprehensive approach includes:
Secure Industrial Assessments - Assessing and inventorying the IoT environment, from supervisory systems to process control, resulting in a final report with a roadmap and recommendations.

Secure Industrial Design - Create a customized plan that secures your industrial systems with tailored network segmentation that applies the best practices of the Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture model.

Secure Industrial Management - Provide a complete installation, from site-wide fiber design to data center construction.

Secure Industrial Management - Provide real-time asset visibility, threat intelligence and security analysis of your ICS/OT environment through active and passive monitoring of network traffic and endpoints. Our collaborative managed service for industrial customers is based on iON United's deep understanding of proprietary ICS network protocols and the environmental constraints of industrial environments.
Laurentide Controls and iON United implement application boundaries that enforce the principles of least privilege and zero trust in your environment using role-based access, network access controls, and careful logging and monitoring. We strengthen your IT/OT security practices using the principles of active cyber defense to ensure that, even in the worst-case security breach scenarios, your industrial control systems remain operational and business impacts are minimized.