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Process Control System Process Control System
Many of today’s industry standards were conceived decades ago, and did not have the benefit of today’s innovations.

Many of today’s industry standards were conceived decades ago, and did not have the benefit of today’s innovations.

To continue to maintain these standards will result in only incremental benefits, while you are expected to deliver better results. With Laurentide Controls, and Emerson as your partners, you can.

Our operation, and project automation expertise is focused on helping you hit your targets, and move your organization into Top Quartile performance.

Gain valuable insights into your process
Reduce the risks of lost production

With ever increasing global competition, and technological advances, plants around the world have been left with legacy automation systems that simply cannot cope with today’s high production demands.

Improving plant performance begins with better automation. With today’s digital technology and systems, you can rely on increased productivity and simplified communications between your process and business systems.

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A Front End Engineering Design (FEED) study will allow you to align your project and business objectives, and to create a detailed and solid project foundation. We combine industry expertise, process engineering and project management, and together with the proven PlantWeb® digital plant architecture, will deliver the ROI you expect from your project.

Details are a top priority when it comes to Capital Projects. With installation of your critical instrumentation coming just prior to commissioning, start-up delays are near the top of your risk register.  With the stakes this high, having a strong project management team on your side is invaluable.  We will help you control costs, improve communication, and get proven project results where instrumentation is concerned.

Our proven approach helps manage multiple stakeholders, scope, schedule and budget to reduce complexity and mitigate your project risks.

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In a successful Wireless Plant Network system, System Integration Services are critical. Laurentide Controls are proud to offer you a comprehensive Service portfolio to help design and deploy your Wireless Plant Network.

Site Survey

Our engineers will visit your site to conduct an RF study, determine proper access point locations, and collect other critical on-site information, all with the objective of reducing your overall project budget.

System architecture design

Using the site survey result and your business requirements, our engineers design the overall system architecture including the network infrastructure and applications.

Physical network installation management and system commissioning

We will Install and configure the network components, and commission the entire network.

Application implementation

Based upon your business requirements, we will design and implement the applications into your customized solution.


Laurentide Controls will work with you to specify a training curriculum that meets your specific needs.

Smart Wireless Solutions – After Project Support

Laurentide Controls provides After Project Expert Technical Support and critical On-site Services to help maintain uptime, performance and deliver a better return on your Wireless Plant Network investment. The Smart Wireless Plant Network Solution for After Project Support from Laurentide Controls is designed to help our customers maximize the availability of the Smart Wireless Plant Network, keep applications running at peak performance, ensure Wireless Plant Network Security and deliver lower maintenance cost. As a part of the total SureService solution, Smart Wireless Plant Network support from Laurentide Controls allows our customers to select the right service for the right time considering process criticality and the customer’s level of resources and interests. After Project Support from Laurentide Controls for Smart Wireless will include:

  • Expert Technical Support
  • On-Site Emergency Service
  • Preventive and Reliability Maintenance
  • Spares Support Program
  • Application Enrichment

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Laurentide Controls can deliver you a complete integrated Burner Management System (BMS) from Emerson, including SIS, or a fully customized system. We can provide a solution for all your fuels, or multiple boiler applications, with or without plant master. We will work with you to provide all the services, and hardware you may require for your project.

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We can provide assistance in updating your technical drawings and documentation to reflect the most recent changes in your plant.

We also provide you all the project documentation and drawings when you trust your project to us.

Whether it is CAD drawings, plant documentation, I/O configuration databases, DeltaV resources or electrical and mechanical specifications relative to your plant, Laurentide Controls can help make the documentation process easier and more efficient.

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