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Integrated Operations Integrated Operations
The Challenge

The Challenge

The Center for IO in the Petroleum Industry defines "IO" as an integration of people, organizations and work practices to make smarter decisions. This can be done through global access to real-time information through collaborative technology that combines expertise from multiple disciplines or by integrating geographically located personnel into a single system so they can be more effective in bringing business ideas to life!
The Solution

The Solution

IO programs are complex and sophisticated projects that require a multifaceted approach. The best IO providers combine people with process and technology to help your organization navigate change more easily. At Laurentide Controls, we do this through our network of top experts who can provide all kinds of services you need for any program!
Laurentide Controls can help with program development including architecture, control rooms, networking, data ingestion, and application development.
⦁    Development and deployment of the remote-control architecture
⦁    Design and implementation of control rooms
⦁    Industrial networks and cyber security
⦁    IoT data connectivity, consolidation, contextualization, and cloud ingestion
⦁    Application development for remote monitoring and control
⦁    Operational data science
DeltaV Remote Operations

DeltaV Remote Operations

Integrating production facilities and control rooms into an integrated operations strategy is a remote operation. To do this, high-performance capabilities for centers that enable real-time play are needed to provide this capability through your network infrastructure as well as the cybersecurity architecture that connects them all. 
The key is not just what you have, but how you implement it - the right cybersecurity system can ensure that nothing gets through its checks and balances.
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Improved operational consistency
Increased flow rate capacity
Reduced risk of breakdowns
Operate with maximum efficiency
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