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Your control system is one of the most important assets in your plant.

Like any other asset, you need to protect, maintain, improve and update it to maximize the lifespan of your automation system. Laurentide Controls can supply many different services to maximize your ROI.

Lifecycle Services will ensure a reliable automation system, running your process efficiently over many years. Emerson is continuously working on making their solutions better and easier to use. Lifecycle services will not only keep your system up to date but will give you an edge on your competition.

Laurentide Controls offers many different levels of cybersecurity assessment expertise for your DeltaV Distributed Control System (DCS). The cybersecurity experts will analyze your system, and provide a solution to any security gaps, weak points, or intrusion vulnerabilities found. It includes detecting malware injection points, weakness protection and steps to secure your process control system. The recommendations will ensure the high availability and safe operation of your DCS.

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Schedule System Maintenance (SSM) helps to ensure long term system performance, flexibility and readiness for new technology. Like any major piece of equipment in your process, your automation system requires maintenance. SSM will help you to minimize the risks of unscheduled downtime, increase your cybersecurity protection, decrease off-spec production and diminish emergency calls.

Laurentide Controls offers on-site maintenance services with a highly-trained system specialist, using Emerson standards and approved procedures. A complete report with actions items and recommendations will be provided upon completion.

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The Site Evaluation Service (SES) is an excellent opportunity for you to compare the current condition of your DeltaV system, versus the Emerson Best Practices standard. The DeltaV specialist will collect information directly from the system without process disruption. Following data collection, a quick survey with one of your system specialist will be performed. Emerson and Laurentide Controls will produce a detailed report, which will highlight the areas in need of improvement. The dimensions covered include:

  • Installed Software
  • Installed Hardware
  • Product Lifecycle
  • Backup and Recovery Plan
  • Cyber Security
  • Alarm Performance

Following the presentation of the report, an action plan can be put in place enabling you to optimize the performance of your DeltaV System.

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Laurentide Controls offers emergency support for your DeltaV system. Our highly-qualified DeltaV specialists will work with you via phone, connect remotely when possible, or go on-site to remedy the situation and return your plant to normal operation. 24/7 support is also available, and can include emergency spare parts management to keep your process running.

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Guardian support is an all-in-one solution to support your DeltaV or AMS system. Information available at a glance your current System Health Score, and you can also track the progress of your health score over time. Guardian gives you access to all the Emerson hotfixes or approved Microsoft security applicable to your system. You can also search through all Knowledge Base Articles (KBA) or only see the KBAs applicable to your system.

The Guardian website also allows you to download all DeltaV, AMS or OVATION software for free, including all compatible software solutions once released.

Guardian support offers you 24/7/365 support, either via phone, or e-mail directly from your Guardian personalized website.

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Laurentide Controls offers two Spare Parts Management services. Using your system profile, and Emerson’s Best Practice standard, we will help you maximize your automation system uptime, with minimal unscheduled downtime.  The first option includes local component coverage with parts being secured in our office.  The second option includes parts stored at your site, in a secured location.

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Virtualization is the new IT reality with important improvement on system footprint, deployment time, and recovery. The DeltaV Virtualization solution was created to help make your life easier by building your process control system in a virtual environment.

With your virtual DeltaV, you can consolidate all your servers and workstations in just a few host servers, create new virtual workstation by copying a template, perform DeltaV upgrades faster, and recover quickly from a workstation failure. With virtualization your hardware and software are now independent.

We offer a wide array of virtualization solutions with High Availability options, and Disaster Recovery. Our team of experts will guide and support you throughout the lifecycle of your system.

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DeltaV Upgrade is an important part of the lifecycle of your process automation system. Keeping your system up to date is an investment in cybersecurity, and new technology to help you maximize your production, and system robustness and decrease unscheduled downtime.

Laurentide Controls highly-qualified specialist will work with you on your DeltaV upgrade. We can minimize risk, simplify workflow, reduce or eliminated cut-over time and protect your system investment.

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