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Rosemount™ SCP100 CEMS Package
Designed in a compact, field mounted enclosure, the SCP100 provides greater installation flexibility, is easier to operate and maintain, and is more affordable than traditional CEMS. Incorporating the various components of a standard CEMS package, the SCP100 includes sample transportation, moisture removal, pressure control, flow control, temperature control and calibration gas control to monitor gases that are reportable to environmental regulation agencies.


  • Fully pre-engineered modular design
  • Compact enclosure allows for greater flexibility and ease of installation and serviceability
  • Complete field mounted sample conditioning system
  • Ideal for CEMS and Process applications with entrained moisture
  • Measures up to five gases (CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, O2)
  • NEMA 12/4/4X options
  • Meets US EPA 40 CFR Part 60 requirements
  • ISO 9001 – Certified Quality Standards
  • System and Analyzer self diagnostics
  • Sample pump located between two active cooling stages
  • Fast loop bypass prior to final cooling stage
  • Final cooling stage is pressurized for maximum moisture removal efficiency