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7425 - DeltaV Live Graphics Interface - Advanced

Course number
On-site, at our offices or online

Duration: 4.5 days

This course is intended for process control engineers responsible for configuring graphics in the DeltaV Live interface. This course teaches from basic options to advanced configurations.

Intended for

Process and process control engineers responsible for obtaining key production data as well as maintaining, configuring and troubleshooting a system with the DeltaV Live interface.


7009 - DeltaV Implementation with DeltaV Operate - Introduction 
7409 - DeltaV Implementation using DeltaV Live - Introduction

Course Content

  • Graphics Studio
  • Environment Customization
  • DeltaV Live Operator Interface
  • DeltaV Live Administration
  • Display Interactions
  • Functions
  • Class Based Graphical Element Modules (GEMs)
  • Contextual Displays
  • Custom Faceplates
  • Pop Up pictures
  • Layout Configuration – Multi-Monitor Configuration
  • Display Frame Customization
  • Publishing
  • Display Sets
  • Script Assistant
  • Language Changes
  • High Performance GEMs
  • Importing & Exporting Displays

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