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7425 - DeltaV Live Graphics Interface - Advanced

Course number
On-site, at our offices or online

Duration: 4.5 days

This course is also offered online.
This 4-1/2 day course is for process control engineers responsible for configuring graphics in the DeltaV Live operator interface. This course teaches basic options through advanced configuration topics.

Intended for

Process & process control engineers responsible for obtaining key production data, maintaining, configuring and troubleshooting a DeltaV system with the DeltaV Live Operator Interface.


Course Content

  • Graphics Studio
  • Environment Customization
  • DeltaV Live Operator Interface
  • DeltaV Live Administration
  • Display Interactions
  • Functions
  • Class Based Graphical Element Modules (GEMs)
  • Contextual Displays
  • Custom Faceplates
  • Pop Up pictures
  • Layout Configuration – Multi-Monitor Configuration
  • Display Frame Customization
  • Publishing
  • Display Sets
  • Script Assistant
  • Language Changes
  • High Performance GEMs
  • Importing & Exporting Displays

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