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Saving $15,000 and avoiding downtime with a self-diagnostic solution

March 6, 2023

A significant source of operational costs

For a pulp and paper company, periodically validating the accuracy of their flow meters was becoming an expensive challenge. Disassembling, inspecting, and calibrating each flow meter required a visit from a third party and cost anywhere between $3,000 and $4,000 per case. Labour shortages and inspection downtime costs only made this process more difficult.

Flow measurement: a major regulatory requirement

In fact, maintaining a pulp and paper company's flow meters is critical to ensuring environmental compliance, as well as preventing major problems down the road. To meet these standards and adhere to best management practices, companies must be able to accurately measure their rate of fluid flow through pipelines. As such, flow meters installed in both the inlet and outlet lines play a critical role in this monitoring.

The regular testing of flow meter integrity is essential to ensure environmental compliance. In addition, the reports generated by these tests can alert operators to problems that might otherwise go unnoticed before they become critical.

Self-diagnostics to the rescue

Hence, our team suggested that this company use the Smart Meter Verification feature on their magnetic flow meters. This feature provides comprehensive diagnostic reports without disrupting operations, as it requires no shutdown or removal of the device. It can also be configured to run in the background during normal operations or be triggered manually.

With this self-diagnostic solution, our client was able to avoid costly downtime while realizing significant financial savings. Not only did they avoid spending over $15,000 in outsourced service fees, but they also created detailed reports that were approved by environmental agencies and insurance companies - allowing for uninterrupted operations while complying with environmental regulations.
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