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Resolving a flow measurement dysfunction without interrupting production: how a paper mill saved $20K

May 25, 2023

A flowmeter malfunction

Our client, a paper and cardboard production mill, found themselves in a situation threatening the plant's productivity: the 14-inch flowmeter installed on a critical application experienced a malfunction. Essentially, this unexpected event meant that production was running "blindly," leading to risks both in terms of productivity and product quality.

Since the purchase and installation of a new flowmeter were estimated to cost over $20,000 and required a month or more of work, the factory sought other solutions to avoid thousands of dollars in revenue losses.


A transmitter as an alternative solution

When the purchasing manager reached out to us for the replacement of the flowmeter, we provided a quote for a new flowmeter with a fast delivery time. However, our experts also recommended an alternative solution that did not involve such a delay: installing a universal transmitter, the Rosemount 8712EM, to operate with the existing tube of their magnetic flowmeter. 

An economical, ecological, and efficient solution

After an on-site demonstration, the solution worked perfectly, allowing production to continue without interruption. Thanks to this alternative solution, the paper mill saved over $20,000 and at least 2 to 3 hours of downtime required for installing a new flowmeter.

This solution brought several advantages compared to the initial request, including the reuse of existing parts, thus avoiding the waste of metals and other resources, as well as achieving greater accuracy in measuring the actual flow rather than derived.

Finally, our team organized a training session with the factory employees so that they can resolve similar technical issues themselves in the future.

I can attest to the exceptional assistance provided by Laurentide Controls' technical instrumentation specialist in resolving a critical problem with a faulty flow meter. Thanks to their expertise and the use of the Rosemount 8712EM universal transmitter, we were able to salvage an old tube from a still-functioning magnetic flowmeter and avoid a replacement cost of over $20,000 CAD. In addition, the new flow control system based on actual flow measurement, rather than valve opening, ensures more accurate and reliable production operations. We highly recommend Laurentide Control for their technical expertise and exceptional customer service.
Supervisor , electrical planning, maintenance, and instrumentation


+ avoided outage

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