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Jump-Start Your Career in Industrial Reliability Jump-Start Your Career in Industrial Reliability
Are you a recent mechanical or electrical engineering graduate?

Are you a recent mechanical or electrical engineering graduate?

We are looking for active, outgoing and hands-on engineers to join the Industrial Reliability Team of the Future. Our clients are some of the biggest names in Eastern Canada's main industries: 

Oil and Gas • Pulp and Paper • Mining & Metals • Food & Beverage • Pharmaceuticals (and more)

The chosen candidates will be meticulously trained for three years, traveling to client facilities and helping industry thrive.

This is your opportunity to learn best practices and world-leading industrial processes within some of the biggest companies in the world. 

Be a part of the fourth industrial revolution

As part of Laurentide, you will be making sure that Canadian industries keep up to date with the ever-evolving technologies of our present and future. You will become a hands-on expert on machine-to-machine communications and the Industrial Internet of Things, helping clients progress on their way to autonomous, self-monitoring assets.

Three-year development plan

Our Reliability University will be the catapult creating the momentum of your professional career. You will benefit from the invaluable decades of experience that our company will invest in you upon your first three years in the job.

This position will require lots travelling, socializing and rolling up your sleeves. If these characteristics caught your attention, then you might be the right fit. The best part is that, because you will spend time away from home, you will be very well compensated.

You will learn:

  • Reliability engineering
  • Predictive inspection techniques
  • Industry 4.0
  • Root cause failure analysis
  • How to develop maintenance strategies
  • Criticality of assets
... and more.

Expand Your Horizons

Travel opportunities with Laurentide could allow you to see places that you may not otherwise get the chance to experience. In your personal time, you might find yourself canoeing on a lake, tackling a wild river in a kayak or hiking a trail. At the end of the day, you’re never far from open-air pursuits and kind, welcoming people.

Since starting with Laurentide, I have had the chance to visit regions that I would have otherwise never discovered.
Michel Brisebois, ENG., Project and Training Manager
When done right, business travel can have many benefits:
Travelling will help you improve your project management, deal with different industries and be the ambassador of Laurentide inside our client’s facilities. At Laurentide, we want our people to have a broad range of communication skills and experiences.
We are creatures of habit but, at the same time, we are prone to getting bored quickly. If routine bores you, business travel will for sure keep things interesting. New people, new places, new projects and new technologies await in every destination.
Embracing this challenge shows that you are not bothered by a changing environment and that you are willing to leave your comfort zone if needed. Being able to adapt is something revered by employers, friends and family alike.
Education and personal development are crucial factors in developing your career as a reliability engineer. Travelling or relocating will allow you to learn from new people, companies and industries, as well as adapting your theoretical training to the real-world needs of our clients.
Relationships are crucial to the human experience. It can be difficult to start new relationships when you're around the exact same people every day. While traveling, you will increase your professional network, make new friends and learn about the variety of cultures that Eastern Canada has to offer.
I did not want a desk job where I would spend my days sitting in font of a computer. I wanted technical challenges, to work on a variety of machine types and to understand different processes.
Alec Boyer, Eng., Industrial Reliability Solutions Team

Ready to join the Industrial Reliability Team of the Future?

We are strongly committed to maintaining an environment conducive to learning and to the development of your potential. You will join a team that values the pooling of talent and the sharing of best business practices.

We encourage work-life balance and are open to flexible work arrangements. Laurentide Controls Ltd. is a 100% employee-owned company. We feel that this promotes a work environment where all are able to reach their full potential and all are aiming toward a common goal.