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Every measure counts. Every measure counts.
Detect elevated body temperature without contact, while maintaining a safe distance.

Detect elevated body temperature without contact, while maintaining a safe distance.

Combined with social distancing and proper dinsinfection measures, screening for potential fever can add an extra layer of safety to your operations, as well as confidence for your team and stakeholders.
When the need for extra safety measures became obvious in March, it was easy for our thermography experts to set cameras up at our buildings’ entrances, calibrating them to screen for elevated body temperature. We still use these cameras today.
Alain Pellegrino, Vice-President, Industrial Reliability Solutions
A versatile technology

A versatile technology

We usually sell Thermal Imaging Cameras as tools to detect wear and friction where the eye cannot see, in order to prevent costly damage to equipment and assets.

However, although no thermal cameras can detect or diagnose an infection, FLIR cameras have a long history of detecting Elevated Body Temperature in high-traffic public places.

When the current situation will be resolved, FLIR cameras will still be useful to protect your plant's assets, making it a worthwile investment.

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Disclaimer: Our products are not used to diagnose an infection. FLIR is not advertising our cameras for use in the medical industry or for medical purposes. Our products can identify individuals in a population that show higher than average temperature in relation to a sample population. Our cameras do not find individuals experiencing coronavirus symptoms. There is no way to thermally detect an infected individual who doesn’t have an elevated body temperature and only a licensed medical professional can determine if a “hot” individual is experiencing an abnormal medical condition. For questions, concerns and best practices, you can email [email protected] for more information.