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Data Centers: a new joint venture aims to improve mission-critical HVAC standards and efficiency.

June 21, 2021
Laurentide Controls of Kirkland, Quebec and Process HVAC Solutions (PHS) of Lawrence, Pennsylvania are launching a new entity to provide world-class HVAC solutions to Canadian Data Centers. The newly formed company, Process HVAC Solutions Canada, will be located in Kirkland, Qc with the ability to serve data centers Canada-wide.

Already well established in the United States, PHS implements industrial automation platforms, pressure, temperature, flow and level instrumentation, and high-performance control valves for building automation systems and critical control and measurement. Through industry-leading automation solutions, PHS has developed advanced control strategies not possible with traditional HVAC components.
By creating a Canadian company, PHS intends to bring its innovations to Canadian data centers. In order to respond adequately to the needs and challenges specific to this new market, PHS is partnering with Laurentide Controls to launch PHS Canada. Founded in the province of Quebec in 1968, Laurentide will bring its expertise and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by Canadian industrial companies to this new project.

Steve Dustin, president and CEO of Laurentide Controls, said of the new company: “Because of the prevalence of clean, renewable energy, Canada and particularly Quebec represent a natural choice for data center companies to operate. By combining PHS’s extensive experience with major data centers in the United States with Laurentide’s focus on helping industry thrive through improved process efficiency and reliability, PHS Canada will be perfectly positioned to help its clients perform even better.”

Committed to meeting the specialized requirements of each facility, PHS offers customized, comprehensive service plans featuring 24 x 7 support, preventive maintenance visits, alarm management, spare parts inventory, diagnostics reviews, database backups and system upgrades.

About Laurentide Controls
Operating since 1968, Laurentide Controls has been helping industry thrive in Eastern Canada for over 50 years. It is the largest supplier of automation, and reliability solutions to industries in Eastern Canada. As an entirely employee owned company, every member of its team is driven by the shared goal of empowering people and advancing industry.
About PHS
Process HVAC Solutions, LLC was founded in 2005 to help facilities with their mission critical data center HVAC needs. PHS has worked with some of the largest companies in the world on projects of all sizes, to deliver high-performance solutions.
For more information: (514) 697‐0834