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Laurentide Controls and Greensolv Partner to Provide Industrial Disinfection Solutions During COVID-19 Crisis

April 2, 2020

Laurentide Controls and Greensolv have entered into a partnership to produce and distribute industrial disinfection agents that are in short supply, to help industrial manufacturers keep their plants safe for workers and continue operating.

Greensolv will convert their current production line from producing metal paint stripping agents to industrial disinfection solutions including 4% Hydrogen Peroxide and 0.25% Sodium Hypochlorite. Laurentide will act as the exclusive distribution channel for Greensolv’s disinfection solutions during this period of the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

As Steve Dustin, President and CEO of Laurentide said, “During this crisis, we all have to do our part. When we looked for additional ways to achieve our purpose of Helping Industry Thrive in Eastern Canada, the shortage of disinfection solutions in the market came up. We contacted Greensolv, and it was instantly clear that there was something to be done here. They had the knowledge and capacity to produce the disinfection solutions, but no contacts or access to industrial customers. We already had relationships with almost every industrial plant in Eastern Canada since that is our core market, so the match was perfect. Within a couple of days, we had reached an agreement and were in action. In times like this, there is no time to waste.”

“Everybody is hard hit by this pandemic.  Changing temporarily our vocation to help our customers, our colleagues and our neighbors is the least we can do.  Contributing to the global effort to fight this virus also gives our team a sense of purpose.  Working with Laurentide Controls is a great fit, we are chemist enthusiasts and they are industrial experts with great relationships with industry leaders’’ quote from Martin Pageau, President of Greensolv.

Products are available immediately through Laurentide Controls.

About Laurentide Controls

Operating since 1968, Laurentide Controls has been helping industry thrive for over 50 years. We are the largest supplier of automation, and reliability solutions to industries in Eastern Canada.

As an entirely employee owned company, every member of our team is driven by the shared goal of empowering people and advancing industry.

As an Emerson Impact Partner, Laurentide Controls connects customers with world-class solutions, superior local and global technical expertise, and life-cycle services for all of our clients’ automation assets and needs. These capabilities enable us to partner with customers in their journey to be Top Quartile in their industry.

About Greensolv

Founded in 2002 in Montreal, Canada, by Daniel Pageau, Greensolv has built its reputation on innovative metal paint stripping systems and industrial cleaners, the result of years of research and development. These systems help our customers in the US, Canada, Japan and Western Europe reduce the operating costs and their environmental footprint.

Our core purpose is to achieve more with less by continuously re-using chemicals. We aim to offer a closed systems with minimal environmental impact while offering maximum efficiency and productivity.