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Process HVAC Solutions, A Division Of Laurentide Controls, unveils Its New Identity : PHS Canada

June 13, 2024

Did you know?

Laurentide Controls has a dedicated division named Process HVAC Solutions, specializing in optimizing industrial and mission-critical HVAC system performance for long-term reliability.

Meet the new brand identity of Process HVAC Solutions: PHS Canada

Well, we're excited to announce that this entity is unveiling a new brand identity as they embark on a thrilling phase of expansion in Canada, aimed at spearheading their growth. Transitioning to PHS Canada, they aim to streamline their mission, make their name a breeze to remember and dispel any ambiguity resulting from having multiple identities.

New tagline shows their commitment: "Mission Critical Controls and Automation"

They are also Introducing a crisp new tagline: "Mission Critical Controls and Automation". This rebranding underscores their dedication to mission-critical environments and highlights their expertise in HVAC and electrical control and automation within this essential sector.
Their logo has been revitalized, sporting a fresh, modern design complete with a vibrant new color.

Check out their new website for an easy user experience

Simultaneously, PHS is launching its new website, embodying their commitment to innovation and excellence, offering an easier way to explore their services and access comprehensive company information, all designed with your business needs in mind. So, if you're looking to reduce:
  • Process shutdowns during changes
  • Excessive maintenance requirements
  • Poor system performance
  • Lack of remote monitoring
  • Over-reliance on operators
Learn more about how PHS can help you solve your HVAC automation concerns at