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The Clarkson Encore Program

June 1, 2020
For Plant and Mine Operators Facing Economic Challenges: Laurentide Controls Introduces Remanufactured Clarkson KGVs as a Sustainable, Cost-effective Solution.

For Immediate Release
Kirkland, QC - June 1, 2020: Effective immediately, Laurentide Controls proudly announces its ClarksonTM EncoreTM Program, available to Eastern Canadian customers in need of ClarksonTM Knife Gate Valve (KGVs) replacements. This cost-effective solution promises to ensure the same high standards of performance, safety, and reliability as new KGVs.
The EncoreTM program is known to be a sustainable advantage for plant and mine operators currently facing reliability, production and economic challenges. Factory-trained Laurentide technicians use genuine OEM parts to provide customers with like-new, competitively-priced remanufactured KGVs (KGA+, KGD, and KGF up to 24”).”
Michael Mogianesi - Business Unit Director | Laurentide Controls
Laurentide also offers a ClarksonTM valve buy-back program - an in-store credit can be offered for remanufactured ClarksonTM valves, reducing the total cost of ownership, while maintaining full factory guarantees.
All valve and valve components sold by Laurentide are certified OEM parts and are factory tested for longest service life. Laurentide also offers a large range of services including onsite or in-shop repair, custom accessory mounting and functional testing.

Benefits of Using Certified Remanufactured Valves

For plant and mine operators looking for economic solutions, non-genuine valves could lead to potential risks in terms of safety and performance. Such imitations may be assembled by unauthorized manufactures using non-OEM parts.
Laurentides factory-trained technicians follow OEM specified tolerances, material and performance standards to ensure like-new Knife Gate Valves. The process in place guarantees the EmersonTM Impact Partner level of quality, backed by a new warranty. 
KGVs remanufactured by Laurentide Controls are backed by OEM parts, factory procedures and quality audit processes that are specifically developed to meet the EmersonTM standards. Each valve is guaranteed to provide a genuine return on investment that can outweigh the perceived short-term savings made by purchasing cheaper imitation replacements.
Steve Dustin - President and CEO | Laurentide Controls

The EmersonTM-Laurentide Remanufacturing Process

ClarksonTM EncoreTM valves are rebuilt by knowledgeable, fully-trained Laurentide Control experts with EmersonTMs full support and authorization. All remanufactured valves are disassembled, cleaned, and blasted down to bare metal. Each part is then carefully inspected by a factory-trained evaluator using EmersonTM procedures.
Metal components are measured to ensure that material conditions and thicknesses are compliant with the original design. The valves are then refurbished with genuine OEM parts; every EncoreTM valve receives brand new elastomer components, with other elements replaced if they do not pass OEM inspection criteria.
The final product is then re-serialized as an EncoreTM valve, with records maintained in the OEM database. This rigorous remanufacturing process guarantees that the EncoreTM valve meets the same specifications and standards as a new one.

The Laurentide Advantage

Laurentide Controls’ factory-trained engineers and technologists can provide working solutions for process control needs. These specialized teams are available for a wide variety of services, including valve condition monitoring, DCS configuration, instrumentation device repair and calibration, rotating equipment monitoring (vibration, lubrication, etc.) among many others.
The company has also invested heavily to maintain a wide range of Instrumentation and Control products that can be shipped 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When local customers face an emergency, Laurentide is committed to deliver products timely.

Empowering People. Advancing Industry.

As the EmersonTM Impact Partner for Eastern Canada, Laurentide Controls connects customers with specialized solutions, local and global technical expertise, and life-cycle services. Operating since 1968, Laurentide Controls is the largest supplier of automation and reliability solutions to industries in Eastern Canada. As an entirely employee-owned company, every Laurentide member claims to be driven by the shared goal of empowering people and advancing industry”.

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