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Renewable natural gas shelters and skids
Renewable Natural Gas represents a green alternative to fossil fuels.

Renewable Natural Gas represents a green alternative to fossil fuels.

However, before it is injected into the grid, biomethane requires processing, pressure regulation and odorization. 

Our custom, turnkey shelters and skids allow you to optimize this step. Each custom build combines a regulation station, odorization and gas analytics, reducing infrastructure costs and making operations easily scalable.

Optimize your pre-injection process with a custom skid or shelter.

State-of-the art technology for each process step
Engineered, built and tested by our experts
Scalable to your budget
As process automation experts with a dedicated Packaged Solutions team, we allocate the best resources to each process component to deliver a skid or shelter that is worth more than the sum of its parts.

Control System

Flexible process automation and safety controllers for local, scalable, remote and distributed I/O, approved for custody metering application.

Flow Metering

Measure Canada-approved components to do custody transfer metering or just accurate flow measurement for inventory.

Gas Quality Analysis

Powerful and faster analytical technologies with multi-channel capabilities.


Optimize odorant use with smart injection system and no plunger pumps.

Remote Monitoring

Cyber secure, open platform for remote monitoring and data collection. Industry 4.0 ready.