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Weights and Measures Filling Stations
Your need: precise, reliable, regulatory-compliant measurements at every fill.

Your need: precise, reliable, regulatory-compliant measurements at every fill.

The traditional method of filling and weighing presents obvious, costly drawbacks, including the risk of losing product due to ovefilling. Canadian winters add a challenge to measuring mass as scales can become unreliable in freezing temperatures – or even stop working completely. Yet, at-the-pump measurement must meet Weight and Measures Canada requirements to be valid on their own.

Save time, fuel and product with our turnkey filling solutions.

Accurate fluid mass measurement
Responsive flow control stops filling at the right time
Weights and Measures approval support

Superior mass measurement accuracy – better than the scale, in any weather.

Our Weights and Measures filling solutions center around Emerson's state-of-the-art MicroMotion Elite Coriolis flow and density meters. Designed to deliver accurate, repeatable flow measurement for even your most challenging environments and applications, their precision makes the weighing scale unnecessary.

Integrated flow control to prevent overfill

Accurate measurement isn't enough on its own. The true advantage of an integrated. at-the-pump solution is the filling precision that comes with accurate measurement. Our team can engineer a flow control solution adapted to your product. This means that as the tank nears its filling target, product flow will be automatically adjusted to slow down and stop before the tank overfills. 

No more wasted product due to imprecise filling, nor loss of fuel due to precautionnary underfilling.

Weights and measures approval support

We know that downtime is costly at any step of your process, including delivery. Our engineered solutions for weights and measures include support for securing regulatory approval of the solution so you can get back to business as early as possible: some of our clients secured approval in only 2 hours.

Industries we have helped with weights and measures stations:

Foods & Beverages
Oil & Gas