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Rosemount™ 5081 Explosion-proof Transmitter
rosemount 5081 explosion-proof transmitter
Rosemount 5081 Explosion-proof Transmitter is a single channel loop powered device that can accept input from pH/ORP sensors, conductivity (contacting and toroidal) sensors and amperometric (dissolved oxygen, chlorine, and ozone sensors).
Rosemount™ 5081 Explosion-proof Transmitter


Measurement Range
Fieldbus (pH): Four AI blocks assigned to pH, temperature, reference impedance, and glass impedance.
Fieldbus (ORP): Three AI blocks assigned to ORP, temperature, and reference impedance.
Ambient Temperature
Fieldbus (pH and ORP): Execution time 75 msec. One PID block; execution time 150 msec.
Device type 4085. Device revision 1. Certified to ITK 4.5.
Power Supply
Minimum power supply voltage is 12 Vdc. Maximum power supply voltage is 42.4 Vdc (30 Vdc for intrinsically safe operation). Power supply voltage should cover the voltage drop on the cable plus the external load resistor required for HART communications (250 Ω minimum).
For details, see specifications for the measurement of interest.
Enclosure Rating
Cast aluminum containing less than 6% magnesium, with epoxy polyester coating. NEMA 4X (IP65). Neoprene O-ring cover seals.
10 lb/11 lb (4.5/5.0 kg)


  • Robust explosion-proof design constructed with heavy duty cast aluminum.
  • Faster installation using Quick Start programming
  • Intrinsically safe, non-incendive, and explosion-proof hazardous area location approvals
  • Visibility of process parameters by utilizing HART or Foundation Fieldbus digital communications
  • Effortlessly connect with PLCs and DCS’ by choosing the HART or FOUNDATION fieldbus communication options.