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Pressure Calibrator Kit
rosemount pressure calibrator kit
Bring accurate pressure calibrations to your pressure transmitter with the Pressure Calibration Kit.
The kit includes a hand-held loop calibrator, pneumatic hand pump, and all needed connection tubing. You’ll get precise readings on gauge and vacuum pressures. Also used for leak and switch tests. All items fit into a compact carrying case. This delicate equipment is protected in rugged housing that is designed for harsh marine environments.
Pressure Calibrator Kit


Test Pressure
Calibrator: -1 to 3.5 bar
Handpump: -0.9 to 3.0 bar
0.01% full scale
Power Supply
3 x AA Alkaline batteries


  • An advanced, robust and precise hand-held loop calibrator instrument.
  • User friendly interface with large backlight dual display.
  • A comprehensive calibration kit consisting of all needed items, including calibrator, pump and connection parts.
  • Allows straightforward calibration and testing of pressure transmitters.