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AMS 6500 ATG

The AMS 6500 ATG allows users to cost-effectively initiate prediction monitoring of critical assets from the same system.

Not Your Old-Fashioned Protection System

The old-fashioned protection systems running in your plant today comes with very specific limitations. It lacks the prediction data for advanced warning of developing problems. It requires an OPC server to tie back to the digital control system. And it requires a trip to the control room or field cabinet to view data. Modern protection system address these limitations.

The AMS 6500 ATG protection system is a modern protection-plus-prediction system that is designed to easily replace obsolete protection systems while still making use of the existing cabinets, cables, sensors, and the like. The AMS 6500 ATG comes with flexible cards that can be configured to acquire prediction data, an embedded OPC server, and a mobile app for viewing data from anywhere on the plant network.