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Damcos™ System Power Unit
damcos system power unit
Taking command of your marine valve demands is simple and standardized with The Damcos System Power Unit.
Built on a standard modular platform you can configure and scale to your capabilities as needed via your valve remote control system’s actuators and solenoid valve cabinets.
Damcos™ System Power Unit


Oil Displacement
5.7 to 15.5 l/min
Connection Type(s)
P&T Typical G 1/2” female pipe
Housing Material
Structural steel and Cast iron
400 to 500 kg
100 and 200 litre (other on request)


  • Multiple redundancy functions to enhance safety
  • Flexible control for ensure easy operation
  • Accessible design makes for ease of service
  • Compact and flexible design
  • Global ordering and delivery
  • Built from standard components
  • Meets global requirements and all major class authority approvals
  • Automatic control of constant pressure (135 bar)
  • A vital part of the hydraulic valve remote control system from Emerson