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Sempell Model PSRV Type VS99 Pressurizer Safety Relief Valves
Nuclear Model PSRV Pressurizer Safety Relief Valves
The design, construction and activation of the safety valves depends on the design of the respective reactor and the corresponding specifications


  • Extremely high sealing force, ensuring leak tightness up to the set pressure.
  • Very precise reproducibility of set pressure and small operating pressure differences, accuracy of pilot set pressure opening value with repeats better 1%.
  • All parts essential for function are kept at operating temperature, thus no thermal shock.
  • The disc piston is the only moving part in the main valve, providing reduced maintenance.
  • Low or high pressure in-situ test during operation to preventive maintenance.
  • Compact design from forged stainless steel.
  • Redundancy of pilot valves and diversity of function principle of pilot valves according to specification.
  • Suitable for all types of nuclear reactors.