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Remote Condition Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance
How do you monitor asset health?

How do you monitor asset health?

Traditionally, asset health is monitored in-person, in the field. This method requires many tools, many people and is time consuming. It leaves plants vulnerable to unplanned downtime and production loss, not to mention the loss of expertise that comes with personnel turnover.

Asset health can be monitored remotely, reducing on-site risk and enabling predictive intelligence

Reliability operations that work to their full potential will boost performance, minimize downtime and save resources. Our experts can help you accomplish all these goals by enabling your team with visual, relevant and actionable information:

Holistic asset / fleet management

  • Seamlessly integrate all asset types
  • Manage a single or an entire fleet of sites
  • Persona-based dashboard view

Simplified predictive data analysis / prioritization

  • Real time asset health
  • ​Automated asset prioritization
  • Launch down into asset health information

Remote access, diagnosis and troubleshooting

  • Secure remote access to system information
  • Collaboration and remote visual inspection
  • Facilitate work order generation
Boost Job Site Efficiency
Minimize Machine Downtime
Optimize Machinery Performance
Save Time and Money: No Travel Required

We can do the work for you, and we can also teach you to be autonomous.

In a context of rapidly evolving technology, continuing education is a sound strategic choice. By keeping your teams and management's knowledge up-to-date, you will be positioned to prosper. Click here to see our course offering.

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