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7012 - Operator Interface Training with DeltaV Operate

Course number
On-site, at our offices or online

Duration: 2 days

Following this course, the participant will be able to cover all the essential elements to use the DeltaV operator interface.

Intended for

Operators and supervisors responsible for the operation of continuous processes using DeltaV system.

Course Content

Topics Covered
  • System overview
  • Access to the operator interface software windows, menus and directory
  • Operation of the analog and discrete modules
  • Operation of the motor control module
  • Operation of single and cascade controllers
  • Management of alarms
  • Operation of an SFC (Sequential Function Chart)
  • Management of actual and historical curves of process variables 
Knowledge acquired at the end of the course
  • Access the graphic pages
  • Manipulate the parameters associated with the various modules required for efficient process operation
  • Respond to process alarms
  • Monitor and optimize process performance
  • Access historical or real time data

To learn more or register, contact us at: [email protected]