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7018 - DeltaV Hardware and Troubleshooting

Course number
On-site or at our offices

Duration: 4 days

Following this course, the participant will be able to cover all the elements that compose a DeltaV system.

Intended for

Responsible for equipment maintenance, troubleshooting and diagnostics of the control network, controllers, I/O boards and workstation interface.

Course Content

This course is recommended for instrumentation and maintenance technicians, managers, and configuration engineers who need to know more about DeltaV hardware. It provides an overview of the DeltaV Control Network, M- and S- series hardware, and software applications.

Topics Covered
  • System Overview
  • Controllers
  • Different types of input/output cards and their characteristics
  • Electrical connections to the instruments
  • Power supply connections
  • Network control hubs
  • Workstation
  • Diagnostic tools
Knowledge acquired at the end of the course
  • Assemble the system
  • Make the necessary connections to ensure the supply of the equipment
  • Make connections to I/O boards and understand their different characteristics
  • Use diagnostic tools to locate system faults related to hardware components
  • Interfacing the system to a workstation

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