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1500 - Valve Maintenance Course

Course number
On-site or at our offices

Duration: 2 days

 Following this course, the participant will be able to apply and develop best practices by following the fundamentals of installation, troubleshooting and calibration. 

Intended for

Valve mechanics, maintenance personnel, instrument technicians and those responsible for maintaining control valves, actuators and control valve instrumentation.

Course Content

  • Control Valve Specification
  • Sliding Stem Valve maintenance
  • Sliding Stem Spring and Diaphragm Actuators
  • Sliding Stem Piston Actuators
  • Butterfly Valve Maintenance
  • Ball Valve Maintenance
  • Eccentric Plug Valve Maintenance
  • Rotary Spring & Diaphragm Actuator
  • Rotary Piston Actuators
  • Basics of Positioner Operation
  • FIELDVUE™ Digital Valve Controllers 

Workshop #1:

  • 657 actuator and easy-e valve
  • 667 actuator and easy-e valve
  • Easy-e valve maintenance 

Workshop #2:

  • Spring and diaphragm actuator with Butterfly Valves
  • Spring and diaphragm actuator with V500
  • 1061 piston actuator with V150

To learn more or register, contact us at: [email protected]