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1001 - Vibration Analysis for Management

Course number
$795 (classrooms or virtuel)
On-site, at our offices or virtuel
  • Montreal, QC - French
    Jun 18, 2024
    1 full day, from 8 am to 5 pm
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Duration: 1 day

Following this training, the participant will be able to understand the critical role of a vibration analysis program within an industrial maintenance concept to ensure the reliability of rotating equipment.

Intended for

Team leaders, superintendents, engineers and decision makers working with a vibration analyst



Course Content

Machine reliability
  • Good maintenance practices 
  • Tools for conditional maintenance
  • Clarify the support that the vibration analyst can bring to the organization
Basic theory of the vibration phenomenon
  • Forces created by machines
  • Characteristics of the vibration signal
  • Sensors
  • Vibration collector and analyzer
Diagnosis and severity
  • Characteristics of the equipment
  • Collection and analysis method
  • Severity chart
  • Imbalance, shaft misalignment
  • Mechanical play 
  • Bearing problems
  • Gearbox problems
  • Pulley and belt problems
  • Fluid flow phenomena
  • Electrical motor problems
  • The resonance phenomenon
Implementation and profitability of a vibration monitoring program
  • Role of the managers 
  • Selection of equipment to be monitored
  • Creation and frequency of routes
  • Reports and documentation
  • Potential problems related to the implementation of a program
  • Costs and profitability of a vibration analysis program

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