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2032 - Intermediate Vibration Analysis - Preparation for Level II Certification

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$2,595 (classrooms)
At your plant, in our classrooms or virtual
  • Saint John, NB - English
    Jan 20, 2025 - Jan 23, 2025
    4 days, 38 hours * CMVA CAT II Exam - Available on the 4th day
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  • St. John's, NL - English
    Feb 24, 2025 - Feb 27, 2025
    4 days, 38 hours * CMVA CAT II Exam - Available on the 4th day
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Complete 4-day training course (38 hours)
Complete 4-day training course (38 hours)

Maximize your knowledge on Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is pivotal in industrial operations, acting as a diagnostic tool for your machinery. Vibration analysis provides critical information about the state and performance of your equipment. When applied correctly, it can significantly contribute to averting machine failures.

This course, offered in collaboration with CMVA, imparts participants with the essential skills to comprehend, interpret, and apply vibration analysis insights. Along with an optional certification, this course goes beyond merely understanding the data. It also empowers learners with the ability to transform these insights into practical strategies that augment the lifespan and efficiency of machinery.

By taking part in this course, you can ensure that your vibration analysis endeavors generate substantial returns, culminating in enhanced productivity and cost savings for your organization.
At your plant
In our classrooms

What can you expect from this training?

Following this training, the participant will be able to select appropriate vibration measurement techniques, program collection instruments for basic measurements, perform basic spectrum analysis, and maintain their databases effectively. The analyst will be able to perform a variety of standard tests, evaluate the results, and recommend corrective actions accordingly.
During the training, the participant will use an Emerson vibration collector in conjunction with advanced analysis techniques. Discussions about previous case studies on machines are one of the highlights of this course.
  • Vibration principles
  • Data acquisition
  • Signal processing
  • Condition monitoring
  • Fault analysis
  • Corrective action
  • Knowledge of equipment
  • Acceptance tests
  • Machine tests and diagnoses
  • Reference standards
  • Reports and documentation
  • Determination of defect severity
Intended for technicians and engineers who have acquired a minimum of 18 months of experience in vibration analysis techniques and wanting to obtain their level II certification.

This course can also be offered privately to your team, at your plant.

If you have specific training needs contact us at [email protected] and we will work with you on providing a training experience that perfectly suits your situation.

Or by phone at: 1 800 728-9230
ACVM Exam Category II (optional)
•This course also features Emerson machinery health analyzers in conjunction with advanced machinery analysis techniques. Discussions of case histories on machinery faults are one of the focal points of this course.
•Additional review and preparation is offered to prepare the participant to write the Canadian Machinery Vibration Association Level II exam. The trainer will evaluate each candidate and complete the Data Collection Practicum affidavit, if not already done in Category l.
•32 hours of class time, and 6 hours of homework are provided to meet the training requirements for Category II certification.
•This training is delivered in accordance with 1SO 18436-3, "Requirements for training bodies and the training process".
•*Certification examinations available via the CMVA. To register or for more information, contact: [email protected].

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