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4001 - Introduction to Precision Maintenance

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Training Week - July 8-12 2024
Attend the following five courses for the price of four days ($795/day) 
4001 - Introduction to Precision Maintenance
4002 - Shaft Alignment
4003 - Bearing Installation and Maintenance
4004- Transmission Systems
4005 - Lubrication Basics

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Duration: 4 hours (virtual) or 8 hours (presential)

Following this course, the participant will be able to develop the philosophy of a precision maintenance program and implement the methodology of the development phases.

Intended for

Managers, engineers and technicians whose duties include performing industrial
maintenance operations.


Next course in progression
4002 - Shaft Alignment
4003 - Bearing installation and maintenance 
4004 - Transmission systems
4005 - Lubrication Basics
4009 - Dynamic Balancing

Course Content

Type of maintenance
  • Understanding the causes of machine failure
  • Understanding maintenance concepts
  • Understanding the principles of an effective preventive maintenance program
  • Gaining an awareness on how to analyze machine failure
Precision Maintenance 
  • Understanding the phenomenon of existing forces in rotating machines
  • Understanding the imbalance phenomenon
  • Understanding the effects of poor shaft alignment
  • Become familiar with the proper mounting and maintenance of bearings
  • The importance of developing proper lubrication methods
  • Understand the consequences of improper tightening
  • Become familiar with the proper assembly and maintenance of transmission systems (pulleys and belts, chains and gears, rigid and flexible couplings)
  • How to avoid the resonance phenomenon
  • The importance of following procedures during machine repairs
Implementation of a Precision Maintenance Program
  • Involvement of management team
  • Involvement of maintenance team
  • Change of mentality
  • Balance between production and maintenance 
  • The importance of documentation 
  • Assessing the program's effectiveness 

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