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4002 - Shaft Alignment

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Training Week - July 8-12 2024
Attend the following five courses for the price of four days ($795/day) 
4001 - Introduction to Precision Maintenance
4002 - Shaft Alignment
4003 - Bearing Installation and Maintenance
4004- Transmission Systems
4005 - Lubrication Basics

Contact us at [email protected] to register for the full week.

Duration: 4 hours (virtual) or 8 hours (presential)

Following this training the participant will be able to put into effect the proper method for machinery laser shaft alignment.

Intended for

Technicians whose job function includes industrial mechanical maintenance.


Next course in progression
4003 - Bearing installation and maintenance 
4004 - Transmission systems
4005 - Lubrication Basics
4009 - Dynamic Balancing

Course Content

The impact of poor alignment
  • Recognize problems associated with poor alignment
  • History of alignment techniques
  • Alignment definition and principles
  • Recognizing the types of misalignment
Preparing for an alignment
  • Preparation prior to shutdown
  • Calculating thermal expansion
  • Machine use verification prior to alignment
  • Coupling inspection and installation
Soft foot check
  • Understanding soft foot
  • Consequences of soft foot


  • Inspecting and eliminating soft foot
Laser alignment methods
  • Alignment prerequisites
  • Characteristics of different alignment methods
  • Calculating shim thickness
  • Laser system technique
Alignment tolerances
  • Alignment tolerances based on shaft rotation speed

To learn more or register, contact us at: [email protected]