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4003 - Bearing Installation and Maintenance

Course number
On-site or at our offices

Duration: 1 day

Following this training, the participant will be able to acquire the concepts regarding the importance of proper bearing handling & instrumentation.

Intended for

Technicians whose job function includes industrial mechanical maintenance.


Next course in progression
4002 - Shaft Alignment
4004 - Transmission systems
4005 - Lubrication Basics
4009 - Dynamic Balancing

Course Content

Bearing types and characteristics
  • Describing different types and designations of bearings
  • Measuring bearing play
  • Factors that influence the life of a bearing
Dismantling and assembling bearings
  • Storage
  • Preparing for disassembly
  • Disassembly method
  • Precautions to take prior to bearing assembly
  • Assembly methods
  • Locking adjustment based on radial play
  • Initial lubrication
Tolerance of shafts and casings
  • Understanding the ANSI standard
  • Understanding the ISO 286 standard
  • Factors influencing tolerance choices
  • Using the micrometer
  • Techniques for measuring a shaft and housing
Bearing diagnosis
  • Strategy for error analysis
  • Analytical observations and methods for dismantling a bearing
  • Observing rolling element path patterns
  • Analysis of different types of bearing failure

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