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4021 - Skills Assessment

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Assessments are part of the Precision Maintenance training program, and cannot be taken outside the program.

The skills assessment process provides valuable information on the precision maintenance skill levels needed to increase asset reliability, address strategic workforce issues, and meet the competitive pressures many organizations are now facing. 

Return on Investment

With clear competency levels and an effective skill improvement plan, mechanics and operators can acquire the critical skills needed to help the organization seize new market opportunities and develop profitable outcomes, which is a competitive advantage. 

  • Students have 2 hours to complete the online evaluation 
  • Once the evaluations are completed, they are transmitted to Laurentide Controls who will compile them and provide a report to the client, which will include: 
  1. Scores for each category assessed
  2. Customized training plan and roadmap 

The assessments are part of the Precision Maintenance Training Program

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For more information or to register to the program, contact us at: [email protected]