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4023 - Reliable Manufacturing - Workshop and Implementation Plan for Mechanics

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This workshop is part of the Precision Maintenance Training Program and cannot be taken outside the program.

Duration : 2 days

This session describes the work that needs to be done before and after the ECS Essential Craft Skills training. The emphasis is on explanation and understanding, so that any questions can be addressed. The workshop concludes with a quick overview of the material taught, the demonstrations performed and the tools used.

Intented for

Mechanics, supervisors, planners, maintenance work teams, operations, management and material coordinators, operators and project managers.

This presentation includes a summary of the responsibilities and obligations for all participants and managers involved. In this workshop, students will learn how topics are determined and how they will be handled. Documentation used in the past by world-class performers, tools needed for implementation and teaching methodology will also be discussed. Summary documents on benefits, key performance indicators, effective strategies and time required for deployment will be distributed so that you can establish, modify and approve the training plan. 

Workshop Schedule 
  • Individual meetings with the managers of the different sectors 
  • Understanding expectations and opportunities 
  • Creation of the strategy 
  • Development of tactics 

This course is part of the Precision Maintenance Training Program

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