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6001 - Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)

Course number
On-site or at our offices (Maximum of 8 participants)

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Following this course, the participant will be able to understand and determine the importance of performing root cause analyses. He will be able to establish the steps effectively and present the results clearly in order to avoid the risk of repeating failures.

Intended for

Managers, supervisors and industrial maintenance technicians who participate in the reduction of failures in business.

Course Content

The path to reliability

Advantages of doing RCA:

  • Financial
  • Performance
  • Culture/Commitment 

Success Factors: 

  • The educational mix 
  • Understanding your organizational level 
  • Obtaining commitment 
  • Defining primers
  • Choosing your indicators 
  • The importance of communication 
  • Ensuring the sustainability of solutions

Understand and integrate the concept of failure

Types of causes:​

  • Physical
  • Human
  • Systemic
  • Latent

RCA6 process:

  • Recognize pre-analysis tools and methods: example
  • Gather the information
  • Solve the tools example 
  • Redress selection and implementation of corrective actions
  • Strengthen indicators and monitoring
  • Diffuse the presentation of results 

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